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We very much appreciate the exhibitors who have supported us year after year. Your presence adds to the fun that our guests have as part of their KublaCon experience.

Note that the FRIDAY HALL HOURS HAVE CHANGED. The hall will be open on Friday from 6pm to 8pm, rather than 4-8pm.

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Memorial Day Weekend • May 26-29, 2017 • Hyatt Regency SFO

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Exhibitor Product Exclusivity

KublaCon is dedicated to the growth and development of the adventure gaming industry on all levels. Bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to expand, enhance, and most importantly, enjoy the products of this industry is our main focus. Manufacturers attending our conventions are the backbone of our support and programming content. Simply put, this policy supports the manufacturers by granting them the sole right to reap the sales of the products they produce. These sales allow manufacturers to continue attending conventions and supporting the consumer base, which in turn achieves the goal of growing and developing the adventure gaming industry.

The Policy

Any exhibiting manufacturer is entitled to, and automatically granted, full exclusivity on all products produced by their organization that meet any of the following criteria:
1. The product is listed in the most recent edition of the Games Quarterly Magazine (GQC) as being produced by the exhibiting company.
2. The release date of the product occurred after the most recent edition of GQC and the exhibiting manufacturer has other products listed in the GQC.
3. The exhibiting manufacturer has officially requested exclusivity and been granted exclusivity on products not listed in the latest GQC. KublaCon will publish a list of these exceptions prior to the start of the show.

Requesting Exclusivity

If you wish to request exclusivity for products covered under “The Policy” section, you will need to complete section 3, page 1 of the Exhibitor Application and Agreement form, and submit it to KublaCon Event Management no later than 60 days before the first official day of the show. If the requested exclusivity products are covered under Item 1 or Item 2 of “The Policy” (above), your request will automatically be granted upon receipt of your request.

If your requested products for exclusivity fall under Item 3 of “The Policy”, KublaCon will issue an official Granting of Exclusivity or Rejection of Exclusivity letter. If you are granted exclusivity, you must keep a copy of the original request form and the letter granting the exclusivity in your booth at all times. Only games and gaming accessories will be granted exclusivity. Non-gaming-related products are not afforded any exclusivity rights.

Waiver of Exclusivity

Any exhibiting manufacturer may choose to waive its exclusivity rights, thereby allowing all exhibiting companies the ability to sell its products. Any company wishing to waive its exclusivity must complete a Waiver of Exclusivity form. Waivers may be restricted or unrestricted. While there is no deadline for issuing a waiver, we ask that all waivers be submitted 45 days before the start of the show so that proper notification can be provided to the other exhibitors.

  • Unrestricted Waiver: All exhibitors may freely sell all products of the company issuing the waiver without any restriction.
  • Restricted Waiver: All exhibitors may freely sell products of the company issuing the waiver as long as all restrictions that appear on the Waiver of Exclusivity form are met. Common restrictions include: selling only products more than XX months old, and so on.

Official Representation

In order to be considered an exhibiting manufacturer for the purposes of this policy, a company must:
1. Be registered as an official exhibitor with KublaCon for the convention in which exclusivity is sought.
2. Be the actual manufacturer of the products that are to be sold exclusively, or the sole United States distributor of foreign-produced products that are to be sold exclusively (proof may be required).
3. Occupy a booth whose official designation is the name of the company. (For example, for XYZ Corp. to have exclusivity, it must occupy a booth that is labeled XYZ Corp. on the show maps and programs.)
4. The booth so occupied must be staffed by at least one actual employee of the company seeking the exclusivity. Non-exhibiting manufacturers may not grant exclusivity under any circumstances.

How Exclusivity Conflicts Should Be Handled on Site

During the convention, should you feel that another exhibitor is in violation of your exclusivity, please do not take it up with that exhibitor directly. Bring your concerns to a KublaCon staff member.

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