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We very much appreciate the exhibitors who have supported us year after year. Your presence adds to the fun that our guests have as part of their KublaCon experience.

Note that the FRIDAY HALL HOURS HAVE CHANGED. The hall will be open on Friday from 6pm to 8pm, rather than 4-8pm.

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Terms and Conditions

Before you submit your application, you must read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:
Standards and Regulations
Product Exclusivity
Additional Terms and Agreements

Standards and Regulations

I. Profanity—The gratuitous use of profanity and symbols considered vulgar by contemporary standards of a product’s target market is not acceptable unless integral to a character or story and may not be advertised, displayed, or sold at the sole discretion of the KublaCon 2013 Event Management.
II. Violence & Gore—Products depicting lurid scenes of excessive bloodshed, gory or gruesome crimes, depravity, lust, filth, sadism, or masochism, presented editorially or graphically, are unacceptable. Products featuring depictions of unnecessary violence, extreme brutality, physical agony, and gore, including but not limited to extremely graphic or descriptive scenes presenting cannibalism, decapitation, evisceration, amputation, or other gory injuries, may not be advertised, displayed, or sold.
III. Sexual Themes—Displays containing items and/or sexual themes are not permitted. Products depicting rape and graphic lust may not be advertised or sold. Products featuring sexual perversion and sexual abnormalities are unacceptable for advertising, display, or sale.
IV. Nudity—Displays or advertising containing nudity are not acceptable. Degrading or salacious displays are unacceptable. Explicit depiction or facsimiles of reproductive organs are not permitted.
V. Affliction—Advertising or selling items containing disparaging graphic or editorial references to physical afflictions, handicaps, or deformities are not permitted.
VI. Advertising or selling products that depict minority races and nationalities as inferior to other races is not permitted.
VII. Religion & Mythology—Actual current religions are not to be depicted, ridiculed, or attacked in any way that promotes disrespect. Ancient or mythological religions, such as those prevalent in ancient Grecian, Roman, and Norse societies, may be portrayed in their historic roles. Satanic symbols, rituals, and phrases are not permitted in any advertisements or displays.
VIII. Unacceptable Activities—Actual rituals (spells, incantations, sacrifices, and so on), weapon designs, illegal devices, and other activities of a criminal or distasteful nature may not be presented in advertisements or displays.
IX. Addictions—Addictions of any kind should not be presented as glamorous or entertaining pastimes. Addiction or the encouragement of addiction should be shown as a dangerous habit with harmful effects.
X. Concept of Self in Role-Playing Games—Advertisers may not use the word “you” in advertising to suggest that the users of any game system are actually taking part in the adventure. It must always be clear that a player’s imaginary character is taking part in whatever imaginary action happens during game play.
XI. Wearing & Selling Costumes/Weapons—Advertising, wearing, and selling costumes is permitted if they are in good taste (measured by contemporary standards/values). All twentieth century costumes or uniforms are prohibited from the convention. Uniforms of those currently on active duty in the military are exempt, assuming they are properly attired. No one may carry weapons or replicas. Weapons for sale must be inoperable and/or locked.
XII. Compliance—All exhibitors and advertisers are obligated to comply with these standards. Failure to comply will result in non-acceptance of advertising materials; alteration or removal of unacceptable products/activities; or closing of non-complying exhibits/displays. If you have specific questions about particular products, displays, or activities, please call KublaCon Event Management’s Operations team.
All exhibit decorations must meet fireproof standards and city fire ordinances.
Electrical equipment and wiring must conform to national and local electrical codes.
All exhibitors and their authorized decorators must have liability insurance.
Banner and sign hanging is closely regulated by the facility. There are specific restrictions as to the type of signs that may be hung from the ceiling, as well as electrical connections required to power them. There will be order forms included in your exhibitor kit that require specific information concerning shipment, freight assignment, regulations, and so on.
The exhibitor must carry full insurance for the entire duration of the show, including setup and teardown. The exhibitor shall carry comprehensive general liability coverage, including premises, operations, and contractual liability coverage. Certificates of insurance must be furnished to Event Management if requested.
An authorized company representative must staff exhibits during all exhibit hours.
No exhibitor or member of an exhibit may promote, display, or behave in a manner considered offensive to decency or good taste as determined by Event Management.
Displays and activities must be designed so they don’t block or reduce the flow of traffic. This is a fire and safety consideration that will be enforced by Event Management and the Hotel.
All exhibit features and components exceeding 12 feet in height must have drawings available for inspection by Event Management, the installation and dismantling contractor, and government authority during the time the exhibit is being erected, exhibited, and dismantled at the show site.
No reservations will be accepted from companies not in good financial standing with KublaCon.
Demonstrations and all other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor’s booth. Aisles must not be obstructed at any time. Exhibitors may not conduct activity of any kind that leads to congestion of aisle traffic. Music may not be played in any form without the proper license of copyrighted music.
Attendees and exhibitors are expressly prohibited from carrying weapons and weapon replicas! Weapons purchased in the Exhibit Hall must be safely contained or packaged by the seller, and the purchaser must remove purchased weapons from the convention to a safe location (hotel room or vehicle) at the soonest possible opportunity.
No one will be allowed admission to the Exhibit Hall during closed hours. All needed items and valuables must be taken with the exhibitor before it closes for each evening. Exhibitors will be allowed admission to the Exhibit Hall on the following morning, one hour before it opens to the public.

KublaCon prohibits the sales and/or use of games of chance. Games of chance are defined as games where a fee is paid specifically for the opportunity to receive an item of interest or value. This includes all dice, draw, wheels, machines, and grab bags. Violators will be issued a warning to cease such activities after which further violation may result in removal from the convention. Games of chance are permitted only as a free promotion or giveaway. Under state law raffles are illegal unless they involve an element of skill. In other words, you can’t give every customer a ticket for a chance to win a prize, unless there is some element of skill involved with each ticket, such as answering a question correctly. Even something like guessing the number of dice in a jar counts as an element of skill. If you have any questions about a potential raffle that you are contemplating, please contact KublaCon Event Management to confirm if it is allowable under state law. Illegal raffles will not be permitted at the show.
Handbill distribution is permitted only within the exhibiting company’s booth or at exhibitor-sponsored events. No materials may be posted on convention walls, fixtures, or furniture. Violators will be responsible for all fees and damages incurred from the removal of such postings.
Removal of exhibits and materials prior to the official close of the Exhibit Hall will not be permitted. Exhibitors must remain present and open until closing on the final show day. Exhibitors conducting an early teardown may be fined a loss of Priority Points for future shows.

Be aware of KublaCon 2013 Manufacturer Exclusivity Policies

KublaCon is dedicated to the growth and development of the adventure gaming industry on all levels. Bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to expand, enhance, and most importantly, enjoy the products of this industry is our main focus. Manufacturers attending our conventions are the backbone of our support and programming content.
Simply put, this policy supports the manufacturers by granting them the sole right to reap the sales of the products they produce. These sales allow manufacturers to continue attending conventions and supporting the consumer base, which in turn achieves the goal of growing and developing the adventure gaming industry.

The Policy

Any exhibiting manufacturer is entitled to, and automatically granted, full exclusivity on all products produced by their organization that meet any of the following criteria:
1. The product is listed in the most recent edition of the Games Quarterly Magazine (GQC) as being produced by the exhibiting company.
2. The release date of the product occurred after the most recent edition of GQC and the exhibiting manufacturer has other products listed in the GQC.
3. The exhibiting manufacturer has officially requested exclusivity and been granted exclusivity on products not listed in the latest GQC. KublaCon will publish a list of these exceptions prior to the start of the show.

Requesting Exclusivity

If your product is covered under items #1 or #2 in “The Policy” section above, no request for exclusivity is needed—it is automatic.
If you wish to request exclusivity for products not covered under items #1 or #2 in “The Policy” section, you will need to complete section 3, page 1 of the Exhibitor Application and Agreement form, and submit it to KublaCon Event Management no later than 60 days before the first official start of the show.

All Requests for Exclusivity will be processed by KublaCon Event Management and returned with an official Granting of Exclusivity or Rejection of Exclusivity letter. If you are granted exclusivity, you must keep a copy of the original request form and the letter granting the exclusivity in your booth at all times. Only games and gaming accessories will be granted exclusivity. Non-gaming-related products are not afforded any exclusivity rights.

Waiver of Exclusivity

Any exhibiting manufacturer may choose to waive its exclusivity rights, thereby allowing all exhibiting companies the ability to sell its products.
Any company wishing to waive its exclusivity must complete a Waiver of Exclusivity form. Waivers may be restricted or unrestricted. While there is no deadline for issuing a waiver, we ask that all waivers be submitted 45 days before the start of the show so that proper notification can be provided to the other exhibitors.
Unrestricted Waiver: All exhibitors may freely sell all products of the company issuing the waiver without any restriction.
Restricted Waiver: All exhibitors may freely sell products of the company issuing the waiver as long as all restrictions that appear on the Waiver of Exclusivity form are met.
Common restrictions include:
selling only products more than XX months old, and so on.

Official Representation

In order to be considered an exhibiting manufacturer for the purposes of this policy, a company must:
1. Be registered as an official exhibitor with KublaCon for the convention in which exclusivity is sought.
2. Be the actual manufacturer of the products that are to be sold exclusively, or the sole United States distributor of foreign-produced products that are to be sold exclusively (proof may be required).
3. Occupy a booth whose official designation is the name of the company. (For example, for XYZ Corp. to have exclusivity, it must occupy a booth that is labeled XYZ Corp. on the show maps and programs.)
4. The booth so occupied must be staffed by at least one actual employee of the company seeking the exclusivity. Non-exhibiting manufacturers may not grant exclusivity under any circumstances.

How Exclusivity Conflicts Should Be Handled on Site

During the convention, should you feel that another exhibitor is in violation of your exclusivity, please do not take it up with that exhibitor directly. Bring your concerns to a KublaCon staff member.

Additional Terms and Conditions

These additional Terms and Conditions are considered a part of and incorporated into the KublaCon 2013 Exhibit Space Application. KublaCon reserves the right to reject any exhibitor application.

I. Application Fees, Table Specifications, and Services

1. Companies, organizations, or individuals selling or promoting products or services at KublaCon 2013 must rent exhibit space and must confine such activities to the space so rented. Exceptions to this requirement must be obtained in writing from KublaCon prior to the start of KublaCon 2013.
2. Exhibit space requests will be confirmed only when KublaCon receives payment in full and the signed agreement.
3. Exhibit space will be assigned as detailed under the heading “Exhibit Booths” in the Exhibit Pack and according to preferences indicated by each applicant on this application. KublaCon’s decisions as to exhibitor space assignments shall be final and binding.
4. The exhibit rental fee for each table is described under “Exhibiti Booth Fees.” Rental fees are refundable, less a 50% cancellation charge, provided that KublaCon receives written notice of intent to cancel no less than 60 days prior to the start of KublaCon 2013. Rental fees are not refundable under any other circumstances. Exhibitors must move into their assigned space not later than 60 minutes before the stated opening of KublaCon 2013 to the public. In the event an exhibitor fails to occupy his or her space, KublaCon has the right to use said unoccupied space to suit its own convenience, including renting said space to another exhibitor, without rebate or allowance due the defaulting exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees that if any default is made in any covenant or agreement contained herein, at the option of KublaCon herein, the contractual relationship shall cease and terminate. In such event, KublaCon herein may resort to legal proceedings to obtain possession of exhibitor’s exhibit space. KublaCon assumes no responsibility for having included the name of the defaulting exhibitor, or descriptions of its products or services, in the KublaCon 2013 program book, brochures, news releases, or other materials stated herein, and all applicants hereby irrevocably grant KublaCon the right to use their name or describe their products and services. KublaCon will re-imburse exhibitors for overpayment of booth fees no later than 45 days before the opening of KublaCon 2013.
5. Exhibitor may not begin dismantling any display before the official close of the KublaCon 2013 Exhibit Hall as identified in the Exhibitor Handbook.
6. Included in the rental of each table are those items identified in this Exhibitor Info Packet. Additional equipment, materials, or services needed or used in the display areas are the sole responsibility of the exhibitors and should be arranged with the convention hotel.
7. Exhibitors using their own displays are responsible for arranging and paying for all transfer and storage fees, all labor and equipment rental necessary to assemble and dismantle said display, and all costs related to moving said display in and out of the exhibit area and the KublaCon 2013 site. All exhibitor shipments must be addressed to the convention decorating services firm identified in the Exhibitor Handbook.
8. KublaCon Event Management reserves the right to require the alteration or removal of any article or activity brought into the exhibit area that is deemed objectionable in nature or offensive to the average person attending KublaCon 2013, and shall not be held liable for loss, damage, or injury resulting from alteration, omission, or rejection of said material. Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold KublaCon harmless against any and all claim for such loss, damage, or injury. Exhibitors will be given a reasonable period of time in which to consider any changes required by KublaCon, and may withdraw material so altered if the exhibitor finds such changes unacceptable. See “Standards & Regulatons.”
9. At the discretion of KublaCon, exhibitors may lease multiple single tables and combine them to create an island or peninsula configuration. Convention management reserves the right to immediately charge and collect payment for island or peninsula rates. Any exhibitor who fails to comply will be removed from the Exhibit Hall without rebate due or be charged additional exhibit fees equal to that of the reconfigured island or peninsula space.

II. Limitations on Representation

10. Exhibitors may not sublet or assign any portion of their display space without prior consent of KublaCon.

III. Table Operation

11. No mechanical, electrical, or other apparatus will be allowed to create noise or otherwise interfere with other exhibitors in any way as solely determined by KublaCon. Any exhibitor who fails to regulate such apparatus when so asked by KublaCon will be removed from the exhibit area.
12. Exhibitors may post and distribute promotional materials only from within their paid areas. All such material must meet KublaCon Event Management’s standard of good taste (see “KublaCon Exhibitor Standards”). Exhibitors, their agents, or employees may not affix promotional materials to the KublaCon 2013 site buildings, and exhibitors are not allowed to distribute materials that encourage the public to affix such materials to buildings.
13. Exhibitors agree to participate in all prize redemption, coupon promotions, and promotional programs outlined in this Exhibitor Info Packet.
14. Exhibitors may not engage in live-action gaming activities that pose any potential injury to participants or bystanders.
15. No self-adhesive decals or helium balloons are permitted without prior written consent from facility management.

IV. Security and Liability

16. Exhibitor is solely responsible for paying all applicable city, county, state, and federal taxes on sales and promotional activities at KublaCon 2013.
17. KublaCon will arrange for personnel to control access to the Exhibit Hall, but is not responsible for any injury to exhibitors’ agents, servants, employees, or damage to or theft of property from any cause prior to, during, or subsequent to said KublaCon 2013. Exhibitors hereby expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless KublaCon against any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.
18. Exhibitors are required to insure their own exhibit and display materials. In the event that KublaCon or the owners of the convention site shall be held liable for any reason that might result from an exhibitor’s action or failure to act in any manner whatsoever, such exhibitors shall reimburse KublaCon and/or the convention-site owners for al l costs and resulting liability.
19. Exhibitors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to the convention-site owners or its personnel resulting from exhibitors’ displays or actions. Exhibitors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to KublaCon 2013 attendees resulting from exhibitors’ displays or actions. 20. Exhibitors are liable to the convention services firm for any and all damage, from whatever cause, to rented or leased table equipment and shall indemnify, defend, or hold harmless KublaCon against any and all claims or suits for such damage.
21. KublaCon reserves the right to cancel arrangements or contracts, or close an exhibit whenever it is deemed necessary for the safety or comfort of those, attending KublaCon 2013, whenever the exhibit, activity, or material sold are objectionable or offensive to the average person attending KublaCon 2013, whenever legal conditions, convention policies, or requirements of the convention site so dictate, or whenever portions of the convention site are destroyed or damaged. Likewise, KublaCon reserves the right to cancel arrangements or contracts, or close an exhibit, if KublaCon 2013 fails to take place as scheduled, is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lock out, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by a governmental agency or KublaCon Event Management, or for any other reason that terminates this contract. In the event of such termination, exhibitors waive all claims of damages and agree that the sole liability of KublaCon shall be the display space rental fee paid, less a pro rata portion of all costs and expenses incurred and committed to by KublaCon Event Management.
22. KublaCon reserves the right of editorial discretion over any material submitted as KublaCon 2013 program advertising that is deemed objectionable to the average person attending KublaCon 2013. Exhibitors must follow the KublaCon Exhibitor Standards.
23. Exhibitors will comply with all laws of the United States as well as all applicable state or local ordinances, rules, and requirements of police and fire departments or other authorities of such jurisdictions, will obtain all necessary permits and licenses with respect to its activities, and will not do or suffer to be done anything during the term of this agreement in violation of any such laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations. If the attention of said exhibitors is called to any such violation committed by said exhibitors, or committed by any person employed by or admitted to the premises by the exhibitors, said exhibitors will immediately desist and correct or cause to be corrected such violation. Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold KublaCon harmless from any and all costs, suits, and legal proceedings alleging violations of any such law or regulation.
24. Use of any product by any exhibitor, employee, or agent thereof containing the KublaCon 2013 trademark, the KublaCon 2013 logotype, or other trademarks owned by KublaCon is prohibited without the express written permission of KublaCon. Exhibitors agree that if any materials making such unauthorized use appear at the convention, KublaCon shall have the right to take possession of and destroy all such materials, as well as to pursue other available legal remedies.
25. All matters and questions not covered by this application and these terms are subject to the decision of KublaCon Event Management. Exhibitors agree to abide by and conform to all additional rules and regulations from time to time adopted or prescribed by KublaCon for the management of KublaCon 2013.

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