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Use our flags to recruit players and find games!

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Memorial Day Weekend • May 23-27, 2019 • Hyatt Regency/Crowne Plaza SFO

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The Game Library, Open Gaming and the flag system!

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While we have more than 600 events on our schedule, there are at least that many again that are pickup, or open, games.  Open games occur when someone, or a small group, decide to play a certain game, whether it's a tabletop, miniature, or roleplaying game.  Not only do we provide space for Open Games, but we've created a huge Game Library that lets you grab a game and start playing!

Our Game Library makes it easy to start Pickup games!

KublaCon hosts a huge library of games for you to borrow and play! Over 500 games, and still growing, you'll find many of the classics to choose from.
You'll also see that many of our games are 'vintage' or out-of-print, and give you a rare opportunity to play them.
And while vintage and classic are fun... we also have many of the newest and latest releases for your gaming pleasure.
The Game Library is stationed just inside the Grand Ballroom (D/E)and runs:
Friday, 3-10pm,
Saturday/Sunday 9am-10pm,
and Monday 9am-Noon.
You'll need a driver's license or similar ID to check a game out. PLEASE return it when you're finished... and please be sure you return it with all of its parts!

Our Library is now LIVE and available to view online!

You can see what's in the library, how many copies we have, and whether it's available! Check out the library before you come to the show to help you decide what games to bring. Check out the searchable library!

Where to play an Open Game

Here are some of the designated locations for Open Games:
Grand Ballrooms B/C/D/E - Open 24/7 from the start of the convention
Atrium Level near cafe - Open 24/7. After 10pm please avoid overly loud games.

Other NON-designated Open Game areas
Even in our rooms that have scheduled games, there will often be tables that are not being used.
BUT... while they may be empty at the moment, it's possible that something is scheduled to be played on an open table in the near future.
To avoid disruption to your game, please check with the Coordinator of the area to confirm that you can use an open table, and determine if there are restrictions on its available time.

Use our Flag System!

Broadcast an available seat at your game in the open gaming areas with our new bright orange 4’ tall flags! Just check one out from the Game Library and place it on your table.
If you’re LOOKING for a game, visit the tables with orange flags and see if you can join in!
When you’ve filled your game... PLEASE... return the flag and stand to the Game Library.

How to Check out a Game from the Library

  • Browse through our collection and select any 1 game.
    Bring the game and your driver’s license or other photo ID to check out desk. KublaCon Staff will fill out the check out card and keep it with along with your ID.
  • Go find a place to play the Library game.
  • When you're finished...
    check it back in with a Library staff member. Your ID will be returned to you when the game is returned
  • A few things to keep in mind:
    There is no limit on how long a game can be checked out over the weekend. We do ask that you not keep a game the entire weekend, so that others may also play that game.
    If you would like to keep a Library game overnight you can, we will hold on to your ID overnight.
    Limit of 1 game per person at a time or 1 ID is needed to check out 1 game.
    All Library games must be returned no later than Monday at 12 noon.

Donating Games to the Library

  • We are very thankful for donations, most of the time.
    If you have a game you think would be a good fit in the game Library, bring it to the Library staff on site.

  • Once you have donated a game to the KublaCon Game Library it becomes a KublaCon Game Library game.
    After donation, it cannot be returned.
    Likewise, we do not accept temporary donations.
    This means that no, you cannot donate a game to be used for the weekend, though, we do appreciate the gesture.
    We simply do not have the time and bandwidth to ensure that the game and all the pieces are returned.

  • “I have some games that didn’t sell at the flea market; can I donate them to the game Library?”
    The short answer is no.
    We want to stock the Library with games people want to play and we don’t need 3 copies of a game that doesn’t get played. If you still think some of your unsold games would be a good fit in the Library, stop by and talk to us.

Our ever expanding games library!

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Visit our Event Schedule Website at

We've moved the management of all our events to a separate schedule-specific website which includes:
Creation of free acounts • Account Log-in • Advanced search with Favorite Events feature
Option to run a game or help as a host • Option to submit Shuffler choices before the convention